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What having a Women’s network means to me.

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After doing a Blogging ‘master class’ and I mean the term ‘master class’ loosely, I thought I would put fingers to keyboard and write about what having a Women’s Network at O2, means to me. (Also because Vanessa set both me and Claire a challenge to write a blog, and I’m good at challenges so here goes).

What does having a women’s network mean to me? In short, it means support and a unit of men and women who all want to support each other and get the best for each other. Also, I feel represented, which in the industry I work in is a big thing, because in the technology industry female representation is low.

Men and the women’s network

The other thing I love about our Women’s network is there are men in it! This shows the true diversity of the network and that they really are open to anyone being part of it. It is a super open minded network and I like that as well, also, I love the fact so many men open want to support a women’s network and show their support.

Not at all feminist

I’m the first person to admit, I don’t think I’m a feminist, yes I’m all for equality, but that’s because I think everyone from all works of life and all different backgrounds, genders, industries, jobs etc should be treated fairly and that is literally that the women’s network wants, for everyone to be treated the same and have the same amount of support.

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