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Life at O2 moves faster than you imagine, and #OurPeopleAreTheReason. Our blog is the place to keep up-to-date, and here you’ll be able to read more about what it’s really like to work here, you’ll get the lowdown on some of the exciting initiatives we’re launching, and you’ll hear real life success stories from people in our stores, in our head office, and across our business.

  • abid_1.png

    Meet Abid - Day In The Life Of

    Amid is one of our wonderful techy Gurus, at our Birmingham New Street Store. Our gurus look after the techy issues our customer might have, they also transfer data from their old phone to their new shiny phones. The final part of the role is to help to train the team they work with to learn about the latest tech.

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  • john_cain_1.jpg

    Meet John - Feeling stressed, I did something about it…

    With the ever-increasing awareness of mental health among young people, I believe, no matter what age you are, having a healthy mental balance is vital in this modern age and personally, for me, is becoming more and more important in my life.

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  • lynds_v5.jpg

    We believe in rewarding our people in ways which matter to them

    We know that when people look for new roles, base salary is one of the really important things they look at. Maybe also bonus or a commission payment and that’s it, the total package. Or is it?

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  • allen_bradley.jpg

    A fond farewell

    When thinking about leaving, my initial thoughts are sadness. I absolutely love my job here at The Lab.  Since joining O2 four years ago, I’ve learnt more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some world-class professionals. Without their mentorship I wouldn’t be where I am today; so to those people, I thank you.

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  • Laura_(1)_jpeg.jpg

    Meet Laura - Day In The Life Of

    Laura is one of our fantastic advisors, she is super passionate about her job and the team she works in. She much so, that she is currently trying to work towards becoming an Assistant Manager and progressing in her role with us.  

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  • head_office_store_2-min.jpg

    Our Head Office Store

    The majority of our customers are staff that works in our Head Office. I know what you’re thinking “that must be a lot of pressure.” Well, it’s not. Everyone in Head Office is really friendly and they all have interesting questions which keep my team and me on our toes.

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  • Brooke-675x506.jpg

    Week in the life of O2 Territory Leader – Day 5

    It’s the last day of my blog and I have to say I’ve actually really enjoyed sharing and I really hope it has helped people see what my role entails and that you can do it all and balance work and being a Mum. It’s not easy but it’s very rewarding on both sides.

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    Week in the life of O2 Territory Leader – Day 4

    Firstly I’d like to point out that my diet went super well yesterday….. not. So last night I arrived at my hotel at around 7pm, in Northampton, on the way there from Slough, I nipped into the Paddington shop and bought my daughter a pop-up book of London and sent her a little message from Paddington Bear for bedtime.  If you’ve not seen the film, it’s a must! The service in the store was fantastic and I felt like I had a personal experience that counted.

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  • brooke_gift.jpg

    Day in the life of O2 Territory Leader - Day 3

    After a productive yesterday, we had an eventful night, one of my colleagues cars was broken into whilst we ate. Anyway on a lighter note, here we go with Day 3 as a Territory Leader. I checked numbers last night and I saw some fantastic results which always makes me go to sleep happy. Great work team from everyone.

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  • brooke_awards.jpg

    Day in the life of O2 Territory Leader - Day 2

    Today I am heading to our Head Office in Slough. I am on the 6.57am train to London Euston, then the tube to Paddington and then another train to Slough, then I will hopefully jump on one of the free shuttle buses from the station, all with my laptop bag and case in tow. I actually love getting the train as it gives me two hours on my laptop as I still need to work through my to do list so  nice to have the time to concentrate on it.

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  • brook_at_the_o2.jpg

    Week in the life of O2 Territory Leader - Day 1

    Two questions I often get asked in my role as Territory Leader are. “How do you juggle being a mum and working as a TL” and “What does your role look like on a Weekly basis” So this got me thinking … I decided to do a 5 day blog on the “week in the life of” a Territory Leader. I hope you can see from my blogs that you can juggle it all and also that it gives you a greater understanding of my role.

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  • john_butcher_baby1.jpg

    Meet John Butcher – 14 Week Paternity Policy

    The O2 paternity policy has had a massive impact on my family. Instead of just spending 2 weeks with my newborn, where it’s just a whirlwind of visitors and nappy changes, I'm enjoying 14 weeks with my wife, daughter, and new son.

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